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Okura Touen at Tableware festival


Okura Touen at Tableware festival

I went to Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2016.1.31-2.8)*. Okura Touen has a special exhibition at Tableware festival . 2016年の東京ドームのテーブルウエアフェスティバルの大倉陶苑の展示です。


Okura Touen(OKURA CHINA, INC.) was established in 1904 to create more refined and noble porcelain ware.


 Okura Touen is used at the Imperial Household Agency. OKURA CHINA, INC. is a group company of Noritake at present.


Okura China had been fired at an intensely high heat of -1460 degrees for its whiteness and durability. Okura China includes 70% kaolin.

BLUE ROSE series

BLUE ROSE series is painted after gazed ware is fired.  After painting it fired again.

Flower Dishes

Traditional Japanese-style painting

Tea cups

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