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The size of the dish and how to use 揃えたい便利なお皿のサイズは?


The size of the dish and how to use 揃えたい便利なお皿のサイズは?

Old Japanese size “1寸” is about 3.3cm. Almost every dishes are multiples of about 3.3cm(1寸). Knowing how to use each size of dish, you can choose easily.

Small dishes 小皿


medium dishes 中皿


For small sweets or appetizers


Store 12-15cm

Deep dishes of 10 cm to 12 cm are perfect for holding small side dishes. Having more of the same type of dish will create a rhythm in the appearance of the dish and make it look more attractive!




 Serving plate. Plates for individual helpings of food. For cake. 15cm is the size that can have by hand easily. So 15cm dishes are preferred in Japan.


取り皿になるサイズです! お菓子皿にも。15cm(5寸)までのお皿は手に持ちやすいです!

I wants to serve each person in the family from the start, so I especially use deep plates around 15 cm deep for salads, soups, main dishes, pasta, even yogurt!




large dishes 大皿

The large thin dishes are good to use! Light, thin plates are more convenient than large, heavy plates.


大皿を選ぶときは、厚さに注目して薄いものを選ぶと◎ ただでさえ大きい大皿は重くなりがちで、厚いとより重いので、薄くて軽いものを選ぶとお手入れも持つのも楽ちんで、普段使いしやすいです!


Very convenient size. For the main dish. Bread plate.


For the main dish. Bread plate. This size is suitable for serving individual portions for one meal.


A big dish used for serving food. Pasta or main dish.

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