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Introducing Mashiko Pottery Market in autumn in 2018!


Introducing Mashiko Pottery Market in autumn in 2018!
Tetsuya Hirota's vessel
Made by Tetsuya Hirota.

I went to Mashiko City in the autumn of 2018! Three hours to be shaken by a bus from Tokyo. I had a five-hour stay in Mashiko, so I ran around the tent village with my running feet. There was a booth where I couldn't see everything but couldn't take pictures, but I'd like to introduce the works of a lovely pottery writer who has carefully selected them.

Let's look at the works of Tetsoya Hirota, Moe Kawasaki, Masakatsu Kuritani, Sachi kawanishi, Jun Wagatsuma, and Yosuke Ono.


廣田 哲哉 Tetsuya Hirota's pottery. The animals are very cute.  The animal's shapes and faces are so adorable. 


The delicate colors are beautiful! Kawasaki Moe and Masakatsu Kuritani

【 KENMOKU tent 】

Moe Kawasaki and Masakatsu Kuritani's vessels are delicate and beautiful in color and texture. Katsura Kuriya's vessels have a traditional shade of green and brown but have a unique surface and a pop atmosphere.


A clear light blue like candy, and clear water!The Porecelins by Jun Wagatsuma

【 KENMOKU tent 】

A clear light blue like candy-like water!Jun Wagatsuma's vessel. It was beautiful, and the guests who visited the store were cheering. I've never been to Borbic Water, but it might be like this!? Transparent blue-like spring water.


Drops, forests, rain, kaleidoscopes! 

Sachi kawanishi makes pottery by imaging the drop, the forest, the rain, and the kaleidoscope.

Sachi kawanishi made on the theme of drops, forests, rain, kaleidoscopes, etc.!
This work shows the beauty of water and light in nature. A transparent glaze is impressive on a milky white base.
It's pottery that you use and feels happy!
It was a fashionable design!
She is from Toyama, and She has a background such as graduating from Kyoto University of Plastic Arts, working at the Toshiko Town Shoten in Tochigi Prefecture, and completing the Institute of Ceramics in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture.


Art of fire! Yosuke Ono By firewood kiln

Yosuke Ono's work is impressive by cobalt blue. It was said to be burning with firewood in interviews with other sites. Unlike baking with electricity or gas, baking with firewood does not have an even momentum of fire, so the expression of glaze is vibrant. Fire art, right.

Yosuke Ono made his pottery at a firewood kiln. So the color of pottery is lovely and full of small variety. His pottery is like the art of fire.

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