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“The dishwares as a cloth(Kimono) for food” by Rosanjin


“The dishwares as a cloth(Kimono) for food” by Rosanjin

I read “ROSANJIN”.


Kitaōji Rosanjin* ( North Oji Lushan, 1883 – 1959) was a noted artist and pottery designer and chef in Japan. I read a book by Luyama, who is also famous as a gastronomic, artist and pottery designer.

He was born in Kyoto, at first became distinguished calligrapher.Then he ran an famous antique shop and a member-only restaurant in Tokyo.

He was originally a famous calligrapher in Kyoto. After that, I opened a famous antique shop in Tokyo and ran a member-based gastronomic club ( restaurant ).


His word “ The dishwares ware as a cloth ( Kimono ) for food ” is known.

The vessel is like kimono ( clothes ) for food. The word seems famous. It would be nice if I didn't have any good clothes with any good material.


It is a word that expresses the high beauty of Lushan people. Well describe the value of the vessel(^^)


( “ ROSANJIN ” edited by National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and Adachi Museum of Art, Mitsui Memorial Museum, NHK Promotions Inc., Nikkei Ink. ) ”


Some Characteristics of Rosanjin's designed pottery

 (ref. The book “ ROSANJIN ” )


1. modeled on the old ways ( Antipue ceramics ) ! Modeled on ancient porcelain

Rosanjin learned from the ming dynasty in China and the Momoyama and Edo Perid in Japan -Kanzan**, Orobe, Kutani***, Old blue and white pottery in China and Japan****. He attempted to alter them.

Luyama people are learning about Chinese and Momoyama • Edo period porcelain, dry mountain, woven beer, Kutani burning, old dyeing, etc. It's a new Wen.


2.  Based on Japanese seasonal and Natural motif I was designing traditional Japanese seasons and natural patterns

His pottery had Japanese seasonal and Natural motif Camellia, Mt.Fuji, iris, Moon, Sun, pampas grass, bird, crab, shrimp, bamboo, leaf, fish, river .



3.  He was distinguished calligrapher and has a talent for painting 魯山人は、書道家•画家としても傑出していました。

His potterys have good paintings or calligraphes by him.


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