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Kaki-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 柿右衛門窯を訪ねる


Kaki-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 柿右衛門窯を訪ねる

I visited Kaki-emon Kiln in arita last holiday. There are Kakiemon shop and Kakiemon museum.

有田の柿右衛門窯に行ってきました‼︎ 柿右衛門のお店と美術館があります。


In the 17th century, porcelain known as Imari ware was exported from Japan to Europe. Kakiemon was especially populer around the world for its beautiful red colors on the milky-white appearance(Kakiemon white).



Hiroshi Sakaida, the head of the Kakiemon family. He succeed his father, the 14th Kakiemon Sakaida, who passed away few years ago.




At the Kakiemon museum, we can see 13the, the 14th and the 15th, Kakiemon Sakaida. I prefer 13the and the 15th(the head of the Kakiemon family),  Kakiemon Sakaida than the 14th(ex-the head of the Kakiemon family). So I expect new Kakiemon.



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