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Gen-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 有田の源右衛門!


Gen-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 有田の源右衛門!

Formed and painted by hand 手作りで、手書き!


The outstanding feature of Gen-emon kiln is that each product is formed and painted by hand.

The difficulty of firing porcelain requires excellent work in each process. It developed a specialized systematic process here in Arita.




Some 260 years 260年以上の歴史があります


Some 260 years have passed since Gen-emon kiln was established in Zemeki, Arita. Gen-emon kiln has preserved the tradition throughout those long years by producing beautiful porcelain.



Highly regarded both in Japan and abroad 海外でも人気


The characteristic styles of Gen-emon kiln, which are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad, can be seen in its present products. It requires skillful brushwork by hand.


Gen-emon Kiln in arita 有田の源右衛門窯

Gen-emon Kiln in arita is very beautiful. So when you visit Japan, please check Arita. (see kakiemon


2726, Maruohei, Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga-ken 844-0023, JAPAN

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