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Lucy Lee does not do ”unbaked”!


Lucy Lee does not do ”unbaked”!

Lucy Lee does not do ”unbaked”! From Lucy Lee's interview

Lucy Lee Exhibition (Chiba City Museum, 2015) report. I watched a video of an interview with Lucy Lee in his later years at the exhibition. Lucy Lee does not do unbaked when making pottery.


Thick glaze, glaze glassy, matte and unique texture

She dried the pottery, applied the glaze, dried it, and burned it. So the glaze and clay aren't stuck together. Therefore, her pottery has a thick glaze, a glassy, frosted and unique texture of glaze.


Lucy Lee's work was sometimes oriental

Manuri Koi is also not unbaked. There is a similar glossy atmosphere. Lucy Lee sometimes said his work was oriental.


Features of Lucy Lee's work

● thin pottery

● thick glaze


I didn't like the thick bowl of the folk art movement

 Lucy Lee was born in Vienna and went to England, but when I stayed in JapanBritish pottery master Bernard ReachIt seems that there was also interaction. Lucy Lee said he wasn't very affected by Bernard Reach, but he had an oriental taste.


I didn't like the thick tools like Bernard Reach or Shoji Hamada's Japanese folk art vessels, but they might have been influenced by old Chinese vessels.


In the city of Yoshiki, there are many taste pottery like Lucy Lee.

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