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Noriko Ekin Exhibition! Shinjuku Keio Department Store


Noriko Ekin Exhibition! Shinjuku Keio Department Store

Shinjuku Kyo Department Store 6th floorHeld at、Enchiriko Exhibition( 2018June 28 ~ July 4I went to ).


The ball you purchased is a clear light blue color. A beautiful color porcelain reminiscent of the beach water you saw on Phi Phi Island and Xishikata Island before!

Bowls by Eki noriko えきのり子さんのBowl

From morning coffee to soup to matcha green tea, it's thin, durable, and very easy to use. The beautiful light blue color is soothing, as it looks great against the matcha green.


The celadon that I bought in Taiwan before is my favorite, and I have been using it at my parents' house for a long time . You can see that celadon was loved by successive Chinese emperors!


It seems that celadon is difficult to make works. He said that he doesn't accept orders, so he had it in stock, so I gave it to him ^^


Shinjuku Keio department store 6th floor! You can get famous ceramics from all over the country

Bowls by Eki noriko えきのり子さんのBowl

Bowls by Eki noriko

On the 6th floor of Shinjuku Keio Department Store, there are long-established pottery shops such as Okura Touen , Genemon , Noritake , and Fukagawa Seiji , and you can get famous pottery from all over Japan. ( As of August 2018 )


 You may find your favorite Japanese traditional ceramics.

Flower base by Eki noriko

Flower base by Eki noriko

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