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Hanada -cafe and pottery shop in Tokyo 東京の老舗陶器店!花田


Hanada -cafe and pottery shop in Tokyo 東京の老舗陶器店!花田

Let's see cafes & shops that serve beautiful dishes and cups.

Hanada 花田

pottery shop and cafe in kudanshita in Tokyo



Address:2-2-5, kudanminami tiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0074, Japan.


Hanada is well-established pottery and ceramic shop in Tokyo

In this shop, they sell pottery and ceramic -almost 200 Japanese artists.



The second floor is the cafe. I ordered Japanese sweet and tea set-1080yen. I could enjoy the beautiful pottery and ceramic of that shop with sweetness. That Japanese sweet is so beautiful and delicious. Coffee is also available.



Hanada is near The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo in Kitanomaru Koen near the Imperial Palace. It's about a ten-minute walk in the park from Hanada to The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the Crafts Gallery.

花田さんは、東京国立近代美術館 工芸館や、皇居の近くにあるので、陶器観光にぴったり。東京国立近代美術館は、花田さんから10分ほどです!


first floor-shop

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