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Mutsuo Yanagihara 's work


Mutsuo Yanagihara 's work

I have been to the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo the Crafts Gallery. Mutsuo Yanagihara 's work was very original.


Mutsuo Yanagihara is a famous potter in modern Japan. He is a Professor Emeritus at Osaka University of Art.


He uses silver or gold for his pottery. It is influenced by traditional Japanese painting¬ that use silver or gold -Rinpa. Also, he loves Oribe pottery.


His father is a doctor. So he can make pottery more freely than the man who is his father is a potter.

He learns potter at an art university in kyoto. Kenkichi Toyomoto-famous potter taught him in modern japan at that university.


He has been to America several times. He has worked at University in America. So he had influenced by modern American art-vivid color and form. 


1934 Born in Kochi Prefecture

1960 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal University of Art

1966 Invited to be a guest lecturer at Washington State University Ceramics Department

1967 Solo exhibition, Washington State University Art Gallery

Returned to Japan and became Assistant Professor at Osaka University of Art

1971 Accepted to Firenze International Ceramic Art Exhibition, First Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

1972 Invited to be Assistant Professor at Alfred State College, New York

Assistant Professor at Scripps College

1974 Returned to Japan, holding many solo exhibitions around the country

2002 Awarded Gold Prize, Japan Ceramics Association Prize


At the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the Crafts Gallery, we can see several pieces produced by modern artists, including bearers of important intangible cultural property.

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