My favorit sightseeing spot

My favorit art  or beautiful nature spots in Japan!

Shōsōin -the oldest structure made by trees


The Shōsō-in (正倉院) is the treasure house that belongs to Tōdai-ji, in Nara.  


The exact construction dates are unclear. The works probably started in AD 756 and were finished before AD 759.

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Nara Park (奈良公園) -the wild deers in the traditional Japanese park

Nara Park (奈良公園 Nara Kōen)  is a  traditional Japanese park in Nara, Japan. It made in 1300s. Over 1,200 wild deer are around in the park.


The old park was like a big Japnese gerden. The deers were so cute. 

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Ryōan-ji (龍安寺), ーA famous zen temple in Kyoto

Ryōan-ji (龍安寺) is a very famous zen temple in Kyoto. I was really calm at that garden!

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Tōfuku-ji (東福寺)ーmodern zen gardens

I love Tōfuku-ji (東福寺)* in Kyoto. 

The modern zen garden is beautiful. The designer is Mirei Shigemori**


Mirei Shigemori learned zen garden history and he made moden zen garden in the 1930s.


The moss garden has been emblematic of the renewal of Japanese gardening in the 20th Century.

Other Mirei Shigemori's zen gerden

Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum



For entrance the reservation is needed by E-mail or Tel or Fax!

The early reservation is recomended(at last before two week).

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Tel.&Fax : +080(075) 761-8776


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