The regional character of Japanese pottery 陶器の産地別の特徴

Arita, Hasami

The recentry article about Arita

Hataman Toen -the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain

Hataman Toen* has special exhibition at Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2017). 


Hataman Toen is at the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain.


Focusing on traditional beauty, Hataman use the rich handiwork of its craftsmen. 

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Bizen is at Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture. The Pottery of Bizen is mostly fired at lower temperatures. The Pottery of Bizen often has the warmth of the clay. 

The recentry article about Bizen

Bizen pottery!  One of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. 

Bizen pottery
Bizen pottery

Bizen pottery!  One of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. 


Bizen pottery is made in おかやま prefecture(west side of Japan) in Japan.

Bizen pottery is famous stoneware in Japan. Bizen is one of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan.



It usually made from Non-porous clay. It is unglazed pottery. We can enjoy clay’s natural taste of clay. Surface colors and patters by flames and ashes is characteristic.



Bizen pottery is popular in tea ceremony in medieval Japan.Tea celemony prefer nature and natural taste. Bizen yaki is fit to Japanese wabi-sabi sprit -quiet simplicity and subtle taste. 



It is mostly fired at hight temperatures for ten to forteen days. So it is durable. Toyo Kaneshige(1896-1967)is most famous artist at Bizen pottery. 



I think Bizen pottery suits bright color flower and sweets. It is also fit to natural furniture.


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The recentry article about Mashiko

Eki noriko's Blue porcelains from Mashiko

Bowls by Eki noriko えきのり子さんのBowl
Bowls by Eki noriko えきのり子さんのBowl

I went to visit Eki noriko's porcelains exhibition in Keio Department Store, Shinjuku, TOKYO


I bought Eki noriko's porcelains. Eki noriko lives Mashiko-machi Haga-gun, Tochigi, Japan. 

The pottery's that I bought coler is like beautiful sea's blue.



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The recentry article about Hagi

The mushroom magnet tools 萩焼、金子司さんのキノコマグネット!

This magnet tools are made by金子 司さん. He is potter in Hagi(萩). The pattern of pottery made by using dropper. The color clay is dropped by dropper.


About Hagi pottery







Reference blog

The pottery shop that his potterys are on sale



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The recentry article about Echizen

Hiroshi Teshigahara Pottery

Hiroshi Teshigahara is the 3rd Ikebana Sogestu School head master and acclaimed filmmaker*. As the son of Sofu Teshigahara, the founder of Ikebana Sogetsu School, Hiroshi Teshigahara became the 3th head master.


Hiroshi Teshigahara built Sogetsu Pottery Kiln  in Echizen Town of Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture. 


The pottery in Echizen is mostly fired at higher temperatures. The pottery in Echizen often has the warmth of the clay. Hiroshi Teshigahara pottery often took on distorted shapes. I felt his pottery the warmth of the clay from distorted shapes even if glaze pottery.


*Hiroshi Teshigahara has another well-known face as an award-winning filmmaker. Adaption film of Kobo Abe’s novel with the same title, “Woman in the Dunes” won numerous awards. Hiroshi passed away in 2001. He introduced Japanese traditional culture – ikebana, tea ceremony  and pottery in the world.

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The recentry article about Kutani

Eisui Nogami Kutaniware 野上映翆 九谷焼


I visited to view cherry blossom in a beautiful gerden at hotel chinzanso in tokyo.‎

It had Eisui Nogami's Kutaniware exhibision.

Eisui Nogami's Kutaniwares are brilliant and elegant.







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