Pottery Killins in Japan

Pottery Killins series introduces pottery Killins that make beautiful pottery.

Hataman Toen -the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain

Hataman Toen* has a special exhibition at Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2017). 


Hataman Toen is the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain.


Focusing on traditional beauty, Hataman uses the rich handiwork of its craftsmen. 

a black‐and‐white painting

Celadon 青磁


Nabeshima Style Series

Light Through Sculpt Series

colored pottery



Hataman Toen

Hataman Toen Ltd.

1820, Ookawachimachi-otsu, Imari, Saga, 848-0025, Japan.

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Kaki-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 柿右衛門窯を訪ねる

I visited Kaki-emon Kiln in arita last holiday. There are Kakiemon shop and Kakiemon museum.

有田の柿右衛門窯に行ってきました‼︎ 柿右衛門のお店と美術館があります。

In the 17th century, porcelain known as Imari ware was exported from Japan to Europe. Kakiemon was especially populer around the world for its beautiful red colors on the milky-white appearance(Kakiemon white).


Hiroshi Sakaida, the head of the Kakiemon family. He succeed his father, the 14th Kakiemon Sakaida, who passed away few years ago.


At the Kakiemon museum, we can see 13the, the 14th and the 15th, Kakiemon Sakaida. I prefer 13the and the 15th(the head of the Kakiemon family),  Kakiemon Sakaida than the 14th(ex-the head of the Kakiemon family). So I expect new Kakiemon.


352, Nanzan Tei, Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga-ken, JAPAN
Tel: (+81)955-43-2267

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Gen-emon Kiln-arita porcelain 有田の源右衛門!

Formed and painted by hand 手作りで、手書き!


The outstanding feature of Gen-emon kiln is that each product is formed and painted by hand.

The difficulty of firing porcelain requires excellent work in each process. It developed a specialized systematic process here in Arita.




Some 260 years 260年以上の歴史があります


Some 260 years have passed since Gen-emon kiln was established in Zemeki, Arita. Gen-emon kiln has preserved the tradition throughout those long years by producing beautiful porcelain.



Highly regarded both in Japan and abroad 海外でも人気


The characteristic styles of Gen-emon kiln, which are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad, can be seen in its present products. It requires skillful brushwork by hand.


Gen-emon Kiln in arita 有田の源右衛門窯

Gen-emon Kiln in arita is very beautiful. So when you visit Japan, please check Arita. (see kakiemon


2726, Maruohei, Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga-ken 844-0023, JAPAN

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