Pottery company in Japan

Company series introduce company that make beautiful dishes and cups in Japan.

Hataman Toen -the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain

Hataman Toen* has a special exhibition at Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2017). 


Hataman Toen is the original of the Imari Nabeshima of porcelain.


Focusing on traditional beauty, Hataman uses the rich handiwork of its craftsmen. 

a black‐and‐white painting

Celadon 青磁


Nabeshima Style Series

Light Through Sculpt Series

colored pottery



Hataman Toen

Hataman Toen Ltd.

1820, Ookawachimachi-otsu, Imari, Saga, 848-0025, Japan.

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Japanese apricot and chrysanthemum tea cup! Narumi Corporation

Narumi Corporation is the second most famous bone China company in Japan (The first is noritake Corporation). 

This flower series by Narumi Corporation is especially popular. This cut is the old one.

I used this flower series in my childhood. I liked those very much. 


This series flower is Japanese apricot and the flower of a chrysanthemum plant. The Japanese flower is designed for European-style teacups.



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Okura Touen at Tableware festival

I went to Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2016.1.31-2.8)*. Okura Touen has a special exhibition at Tableware festival . 2016年の東京ドームのテーブルウエアフェスティバルの大倉陶苑の展示です。


Okura Touen(OKURA CHINA, INC.) was established in 1904 to create more refined and noble porcelain ware.


 Okura Touen is used at the Imperial Household Agency. OKURA CHINA, INC. is a group company of Noritake at present.


Okura China had been fired at an intensely high heat of -1460 degrees for its whiteness and durability. Okura China includes 70% kaolin.

BLUE ROSE series

BLUE ROSE series is painted after gazed ware is fired.  After painting it fired again.

Flower Dishes

Traditional Japanese-style painting

Tea cups

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Noritake at Tableware festival

I went to Tableware festival at Tokyo Dome (2016.1.31-2.8,)*. Noritake Co., Ltd. has a special exhibition. 


Noritake was established in 1904. Noritake makes beautiful, white, refined western ceramic tableware in Japan.


Old Noritake has been popular in Europe. Especially pictures of Japonism in the art nouveau of Noritake have been popular. Even the current Noritake collection has Old Japanese patterns and styles.



*Tableware festival has been held every year since 1998. It is a big pottery festival in Tokyo. Pottery from all over Japan is there.


Mt Fuji

Dishes of Japanese flower pattern

Drawing pattern : Zeshin Shibata (Japanese painter, 1807-1891)

For tea

Flower pots



Small articles

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