“The dishwares as a cloth(Kimono) for food” by Rosanjin 器は、食べ物にとって着物(服)のようなもの by魯山人

I read “ROSANJIN”.


Kitaōji Rosanjin* (北大路 魯山人, 1883–1959) was a noted artist and pottery designer and chef in  Japan. 美食家、アーティスト、陶器デザイナーとしても有名な魯山人の本を読みました。


He was born in Kyoto, at first became distinguished calligrapher.Then he ran an famous antique shop and a member-only restaurant in Tokyo.



His word“The dishwares ware as a cloth(Kimono) for food” is known.




(“ROSANJIN” edited by National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and Adachi Museum of Art, Mitsui Memorial Museum, NHK Promotions Inc., Nikkei Ink.)”


Some Characteristics of Rosanjin's designed pottery

 (ref. The book “ROSANJIN”)


1.  modeled on the old ways (Antipue ceramics) ! 古来の陶磁器をモデルに

Rosanjin learned from the ming dynasty in China and the Momoyama and Edo Perid in Japan -Kanzan**, Orobe, Kutani***, Old blue and white pottery in in China and Japan****. He attempted to alter them.



2.  Based on Japanese seasonal and Natural motif 日本の伝統的な季節や自然の模様をデザインしていました

His pottery had Japanese seasonal and Natural motif Camellia, Mt.Fuji, iris, Moon, Sun, pampas grass, bird, crab, shrimp, bamboo, leaf, fish, river .



3.  He was distinguished calligrapher and has a talent for painting 魯山人は、書道家•画家としても傑出していました。

His potterys have good paintings or calligraphes by him.



 *Kitaōji Rosanjin


***Old Kutani

****Old Blue and white pottery