The accidental and natural beauty of pottery -Kinta(artist in mashiko)

I read “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))” He did for Arts and Crafts Movement (by William Morris) for pottery in Japan. He had a pottery(Arts and Crafts) shop,”鎌倉 もやい工藝.” The pottery in Japan had a big influence on Arts and Crafts Movement in Japan. The Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibit works as to Arts and Crafts Movement in Japan.





I think the author thought good pottery had

(Of course, the skill of forming and artistic quality is most important)



left-right asymmetric


I think at Japanese culture, contingency and the natural is important by tradition.


The cup of the pottery by Kinta (artist in mashiko) has relatively such a character (warmth, ununiformity, left-right asymmetric, simplicity).

 the pottery by Kinta (artist in mashiko)
the pottery by Kinta (artist in mashiko)
Reference: “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))”
Reference: “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))”