How to know the tea cup is good or not ! お茶のコップは、うけ口と高台が大切!

I read “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))”


He wrote how to know the tea cup is good or not !


He wrote 

"The lip and the foot

 is very important."


About the lip

Can it drink well without leaking tea?



I think the curve under the lip is important not to drip tea droplets.  






飲んだ後にうっすらと水滴が垂れてないか? 高台(底の持つ部分)は、厚すぎなく持ちやすいか、などですね。






About the foot

 Is the foot solid form to hold?


The small parts of pottery is important to use comfortably and be beauty .



久野恵一(1947-2015 did for Arts and Crafts Movemen (by William Morris) for pottery in Japan. He had pottery(Arts and Crafts) shop”鎌倉 もやい工藝”. The pottery in Japan had big influenced by Arts and Crafts Movemen in Japan. The Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibit works as to Arts and Crafts Movemen in Japan.

Reference: “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))”
Reference: “日本の手仕事をつなぐ旅 うつわ (written by久野恵一(1947-2015))”