Clay and Durableness  of pottery! 料理で素材が大切なように、器には土がとても大切!

The tea cup that use for morning tea for three year
The tea cup that use for morning tea for three year

I read “やきもの談義”-Having talk Masako Shirasu(collector of pottery, Essayist) with Kato Tokuro*. Kato Tokuro is the great Seto potter.(1898-1985) He was intangible cultural asset.



At this book Kato Tokuro said Clay was very important like the food is important for cooking. 



Also Kato Tokuro said it difficult to make durable pottery by clay in south Europe for him. It causes by type of clay in south Europe.



Many Japanese pottery is durable. Even if I use the tableware washing machine.

Please try Japanese potterys that have warmness of the touch because it made by clay !

(See The difference between Pottery and Porcelain)



*Kato Tokuro was born in Seto city in Aichi prefecture. Seto city is an ancient potting spot that is one of old Kilns of Japan. He studied the Momoyama-era (1568-1603) Mino ware (includes Shino, Black Seto, Yellow Seto, and Oribe wares) especially about glazes and firing.