Bizen pottery!  One of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. 

Bizen pottery
Bizen pottery

I read “やきもの談義”-Having talk Masako Shirasu(collector of pottery, Essayist) with Kato Tokuro*. Kato Tokuro is the great Seto potter. (1898-1985) He was an intangible cultural asset.



In this book, Kato Tokuro said clay was very important, like food is important for cooking. 



Also, Kato Tokuro said it was difficult for him to make durable pottery with clay in southern Europe. It causes by the type of clay in southern Europe.



Many Japanese potteries are durable. Even if I use the tableware washing machine.

Please try Japanese potteries that have warmness of touch because it made of clay!

(See The difference between Pottery and Porcelain)



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