Bizen pottery!  One of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. 

Bizen pottery
Bizen pottery

Bizen pottery!  One of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan. 


Bizen pottery is made in おかやま prefecture(west side of Japan) in Japan.

Bizen pottery is famous stoneware in Japan. Bizen is one of the six remaining kilns of medieval Japan.



It usually made from Non-porous clay. It is unglazed pottery. We can enjoy clay’s natural taste of clay. Surface colors and patters by flames and ashes is characteristic.



Bizen pottery is popular in tea ceremony in medieval Japan.Tea celemony prefer nature and natural taste. Bizen yaki is fit to Japanese wabi-sabi sprit -quiet simplicity and subtle taste. 



It is mostly fired at hight temperatures for ten to forteen days. So it is durable. Toyo Kaneshige(1896-1967)is most famous artist at Bizen pottery. 



I think Bizen pottery suits bright color flower and sweets. It is also fit to natural furniture.


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