The special feature of Old Imari ware"a lot of glaze"

The Japanese first started to produce porcelain in the Arita region of Saga Prefecture in the 1610s. It was shipped throughout Japan and abroad from the port of Imari. It is known as Imari ware aroud world. Now  Imari ware is still popular.

In the Arita region Fomous Kilns (ex. Gen-emon Kiln-arita porcelain) are highly regarded Old Imari ware.

The special feature of Old Imari ware is

"a lot of glaze"

Imari ware did not has "biscuit fireing". So the glaze and clay has less fit. 

The glaze become kind of mass. The glassy mass of glaze looks beautiful by reflecting light. It looks "a lot of glaze"

Old imari (post card)
Old imari (post card)