Kaki-emon the 13th said-Paint white space!

I visited Kaki-emon Kiln in Arita last holiday. At the Kaki-emon museum, We can see the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th, Kakiemon Sakaida. I prefer the 13th to the 14th(ex-the head of the Kakiemon family).


Yesterday I read a book(現代陶芸家列伝) about famous potters in Japan. In that book, 13th said 14th(ex-the head of the Kakiemon family), "Paint white space!"


I prefer 13th because of white space of his porcelain is beautiful at the Kaki-emon museum in Arita.


Also, You can see Kaki-emon porcelain within some period at toguri-museum in Tokyo.