Dark color pottery looks beautiful colorful vegetables or sweets! 暗い色の器は、色が鮮やかな野菜や果物やお菓子の色を引き立てます!

Dark color pottery fits colorful vegetables or sweets!  暗い色の器は、色が鮮やかな野菜や果物やお菓子の色を引き立てます! 


Dark color pottery (black or brown) plate looks food color clear. Black plate fit beautiful and bright color vegetables and sweet. 



Black pottery made of clay might fit vegetables more than ceramic because the combination of clay and vegetables is very natural. Also, The Glitter glass cup or plate looks good black plate. Dark color pottery. 




On the other side, the sober color of cuisine looks beautiful on a plate with a colorful pattern. A container with a colorful design is very convenient for a sober color dish. 

土が感じられる色や、透明や薄い色の釉薬の陶器は、釉薬の下の土の風合いが楽しめます^^ 土の風合いが感じられる陶器は、柔らかい風合いで食卓に癒しを与えてくれます。