The importance of the touch of ceramic ware. 食器の手触りは心地いいですか!?

About Japanese pottery cups with no handle!! 持ち手のないコップは手触りが楽しいです!!

5 senses-The senses of touch and sight and smell and hearing of meal, is important. when we chose the dishes, I think the touch of pottery ware is very important. Even though the visual of ware is more important.



In Japan during the meal, we mainly hold up the tableware-the small bowl and dish. So pottery is also preferred because of warmness of the touch. (see.  The difference between Pottery and Porcelain) 



Especially in the tea time, We often use the pottery cup with no handlePottery is less likely hotter than porcelain. The cup has a natural curve and thickness. So Pottery cups are not too hot.



In winter we can enjoy good warmness of the tea. Also we can enjoy the touch of cray of cup. 

Plese enjoy Japanese pottery cups with no handle!!